What is the cost of manual reporting?

Drafting figures, analytical graphs, map creation, technical writing, report distribution & revisioning


Tellus Solutions' web-based data visualization platform increases productivity by helping scientific professionals demonstrate their expertise through efficient data entry and reporting where visuals become powerful and understandable science communication tools.

Environmental consultants

Consultant groups spend a lot of time drafting and populating reports. A scientifically-robust report integrates data, graphics, maps, and smooth technical writing and assembly. This work is often done by a team of professionals (e.g., lead scientist + GIS specialist +graphics specialist + technical writer). Tellus automates much of the report compilation work, removing the need for expensive specialist hours.

We automate data visualization and graphics generation, and integrate graphics and data tables into a formatted report based on customer needs. We take report writing to another level while not only including static report components, but also allowing consultants to have fully interactive graphics, layerable maps, and time-sensitive graphics such that new or repeated data collection can be seamlessly integrated into reports.

With Tellus' automated reporting, scientists increase their personal and professional value by presenting their knowledge and expertise using cutting edge tools and are able to spend more time doing what they love and are trained to do: science. 


Consumers - agriculturalists, farmers, developers, communities

Communities and individuals have much to gain from integrating geologic, environmental, and hydrological science data into their decision-making processes. Whether fulfilling an environmental remediation mandate or gaining knowledge to make crop rotation or water pump volume decisions, science can help -- but only if it is fully comprehensible and applicable to the end user. Tellus Solutions is a reporting and communication platform: interactive visuals, potential for rich community dialogue, and access to shareable online and print reports increases consumers comfort with what can often be expensive scientific data collection, and increases consumer confidence in making important economic decisions.


integrated science comprehension & communication

Tellus Solutions forms the bridge between groups passionate about what they do. We facilitate the passage of knowledge between professionals, easing reporting burdens and increasing scientific usability and application. We create opportunity for both groups by removing the work of reporting and communication.


“Tellus allows today's  scientific professionals to demonstrate their expertise.”

We help you communicate your findings and recommendations effectively.  We provide the interactive visuals so you don't have to worry about your customers' scientific literacy, comfort, or comprehension.

magdalena sandoval donahue, tellus ceo|  september 2017