Find the right plan 


for your business



Increase project efficiency & productivity + Interactive Data Visualization + Streamline reporting & distribution to customers

Each initial contact includes consultation and initial project setup with your goals in mind.

  • Web-based portal to manipulate data, write, format & distribute reports

  • Six-month single-user login; additional user login blocks available

  • Interactive data & analytical visualizations (pick any four of standard catalog)

  • Data and map fusion and auto-population

  • Real-time data collection, updating, visualization, and editing - in the field or in the office

  • Static report & print capabilities

  • Effortless revisioning & redistribution

  • Ability to create collaborative communities

  • Personalized branding & customizable report templates

  • Secure platform & Customer support



Continuous & updating data and report availability + Ongoing commuinty interaction + Seamless reporting revision & distribution


All of your contract capabilities, including:

  • Continued ability to add & interact with data

  • Access to visualizations & reports

  • Sharing and print capabilities

  • Ability to create collaborative communities

  • Personalized branding & customizable report templates

  • Secure platform & Customer support

  • Annual renewal period, additional login blocks of 5


Contract or Subscription Expansion Options

Your project is unique, so are your reporting needs. We utilize a battery of geological, environmental, data science, graphic design and technical writing skills to respond to your reporting needs.

  • Additional standard visualizations
  • Custom visualizations, maps & modeling
  • Data interpretation & geological/environmental consultation
  • Additional login blocks
  • Facilitated user communities
  • Custom branding
  • Complete report writing
  • Need something else? Contact with questions.

We automate geologic, hydrologic, and environmental data in an interactive, geospatial environment. We begin with a basic catalog, and are always growing our visualizations. 


Automated Data Visualization Standard Catalog

  • Any spatially-located item (a tree, a field, a well, an unexploded ordnance, collared animals, etc.)
  • Layered topographic, geologic, hydrologic maps
  • Photos or live camera images
  • Layered surface imaging (aerial photos, satellite imagery, etc.)
  • Groundwater chemistry
  • Contour and isopach maps
  • Time-based animations for changing environmental parameters & new/repeated measurements
  • Lithologic and stratigraphic sections
  • Well log, cutting, and core images and geologic/hydrologic inferences
  • Downhole sampling information
  • Munitions location and response
  • Evolving natural hazard response and mitigation
  • Not seeing what you need? Please contact us with questions!