Your data has a story.

Let's tell it.


The next step in scientific data visualization and communication.



Tellus Data Solutions leverages technology to increase accessibility and applicability of scientific information. 

Tellus gives people the tools they need to understand the natural world and resources. We empower decision-making through interactive data visualizations that connect science, technology, and communities.



We at Tellus know that science is a powerful tool. We also understand the need to improve the ability to access and apply scientific tools and findings to improve quality of life, natural resource management, economic sustainability, and environmental stewardship..

We increase scientific data availability and communication to broad individuals and communities. The first step to confidently applying modern technologies is growing the understanding, comfort, and usability of expensive scientific data.  We help users better understand how they can to utilize their natural resources, confidently optimize their environmental conditions, bring science into a community dialogue, and work to ensuring economic sustainability .

We work to increase efficiency for scientific professionals.  Streamlined environmental data reporting eases scientific reporting stress: automated graphic generation uses real-time data, analytical data auto-populates to map layers and report figures, auto-formatted technical writing, and auto-revisioning drastically cut costs and increases scientists' efficiency.  We release the burden of wholesale scientific communication, so scientists an do what they love: science.


Our Story

The founders of Tellus Solutions combine expertise in geology, computer science, data visualization, and fine art. 

We have long seen a gap between science and the people science serves. We see a need to increase the practical use and application of the great science being done around the globe, as well as a need for scientists to recognize and tailor science to the direct needs and applications of each individuals' daily needs.