We build computational communities


We build tools that promote data use and for individuals and groups.

We have built a metaphorical tractor, and we also build or help find the attachments that make that tractor into the diversely useful machine so often seen across our world. If you have a problem, we can help you find the digital tool that streamlines your unique work.

We build communities.

We bring the human aspect to computing, redefining the way skills, knowledge, and information are shared through the internet. With our templated data integration dashboards and tool catalog that provide a streamlined and easy-to-use entry into software and service integration, we work to lower the intimidation associated with using digital tools and data integration.

Data [done right] leads to greater efficiency.

We build data flows around people and their processes, rather than forcing people into a rigid computational protocol. Bringing computational power into the fluid interaction between people, we promote collaboration and exploration. We do the heavy lifting when we search out the best solution for your data/digital problems; you reap the rewards with lower costs, rapid iteration, and powerful connectivity and communication tools.

Small but mighty.

We build tools for diverse populations, with the aim to change digital and economic access. Thus, we work to build tools that better serve populations that have been left behind in the digital evolution of the 21st century.


The Team

As seen in real life


Magdalena Sandoval Donahue, Ph.D.

Maria Magdalena Sandoval Donahue is the Founder and CEO of Think Ubiquitous and the Tellus Data platform.

Dr. Donahue earned her PhD from the University of New Mexico, studying large scale landscape change and mountain belt evolution, and technology in field science. She drives Think Ubiquitous to build collaborative, human-centric computation that redefines the landscape of technical collaboration.

Dr. Donahue is an avid runner, qualifying for two Olympic Marathon Trials. She is a member of the EY-IWF Elite Athlete Women Athlete Business Mentorship Network.


John Donahue

John Donahue is Co-founder and CTO of Think Ubiquitous and the Tellus Data platform.

Mr. Donahue brings experience in system architecture, data visualization, and cybersecurity to the Tellus Data platform. Having worked in a range of industries from aerospace to physics and working at three start up technical companies, Mr. Donahue builds off his broad base of knowledge to bring exceptional vision as Tellus Data builds the tools for tomorrow's computational solutions.


Who We Work With

current & former collaborations

New Mexico Bureau of Geology & Mineral Resources
Software & Digital tools

High Plains Grassland Alliance
Agriculture + Conservation

National Science Foundation

New Mexico Geological Society
Socorro, NM

Valencia Soil & Water Conservation District

Resource Management

University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM